FREE 5 Day Training via Facebook and Periscope

Create Your Routine and Procedures Roadmap to Success in Just 5 Days !

Starts Monday, December 30th @ 9 AM CST

The 5 Day Challenge Ends in....


Participate in this FREE Training and You'll Get..

Classroom Management Tips

For 5 days I'll guide you through activities that will teach you how to re-establish your routines and procedures for your classroom after the Christmas break.

Daily FB Live Trainings

You’ll also be invited to hop on a daily live stream on Facebook or Periscope so you can ask questions that you may have about the daily task.

Share Ideas and Get support

You won't be alone! The daily tasks will be posted inside of my Managing Difficult Classrooms Facebook Group where you'll get support from other teachers.

Don't let the Christmas break get the best of you. Re-establish your routines and procedures on day one!

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