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Watch the video to see how my Math Intervention Guide can help you to use math intervention to inscrease

your passing rate on your math standardized tests.

Lesson Plan, Student Groups, and Progress Monitoring Templates

Small Group Instruction planning templates for Essential

 Math Intervention including:

  • Long Range Planning
  • Lesson Planning Worksheets
  • Grouping Students
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Small Group Lesson Plan
  • Illustration for movement
  • Small Group Anecdotal Note Tracker
  • Group Profile

If you need more guidance with implementation book an implementation session with me!

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Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor.

Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor, always trying new ideas to reach every type of learner. I am constantly learning from her IgnitED webpage! I incorporate her ideas in my classroom and really value her experience.

Jade McDowell  // 4th Grade Teacher

You have taught me so much.

Michelle I get to loop with my kids! I'm going to 4th grade!  I know we will have great success together! I am too pumped! You have taught me so much. I am constantly learning from you! I appreciate you!

 Mechele Newell  //  3rd Grade Teacher

Bonus: Classroom Management Course!

Module 1: Making Connections

  • Lesson 1:  Getting to know your students
  • Lesson 2:   Connecting with your students
  • Lesson 3:   Building relationships

Module 2: Barriers to Building Relationships

  • Lesson 1:  What's your story
  • Lesson 2 : It's not personal
  • Lesson 3:  To know your students is to know their history

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