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Download The 5 Step Process for Managing Student Behavior

Move Your Classroom From Chaos to Calm

If you're stuck trying to figure out how to get your students to stop talking while you're teaching, or you've tried reading books, blogs, and asking other teachers for strategies but haven't been able to find anything that works. I totally understand!

If you're tired of getting low ratings on your evaluations and are fed up with your out of control classroom, you're not alone.

You want to able to teach without all of the sidebar conversations, you want more real-life, innovative and new classroom strategies, and less theory without practice.

So that's why I have put together this free 5 Step Process for Managing Student Behavior, so that you can finally start to enjoy teaching your students.

"Michelle is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor, always trying new ideas to reach every type of learner. I am constantly learning from her IgnitED website! I incorporate her ideas in my classroom and really value her experience. "

                  Jade Johnson-McDowell  //  Elementary Teacher

Hey there!

My name is Michelle and I help people like you who are tired of buying classroom management books with no real-life scenarios or no detailed suggestions for managing difficult classrooms

A few years ago I was buying books and searching for blogs that would help me with managing students who constantly talked and were off task whenever I turned my back. I started to reflect and correct ineffective routines and procedures that weren't working with my students. The changes made a huge difference!

Now I can teach my lessons without the constant disruptions and I can't wait to help you do it too!