Virtual Workshop

Division Strategies for Math Intervention

Learn how to teach division more confidently to your most challenging learners.

Saturday, February 5th @ 4:00pm-5:30pm CST

During this virtual workshop you'll learn to:

  • Strategies to teach division concepts (fair share & repeated subtraction)
  • Create Learning Progressions for Area Model/ Box Method/ Partial Quotients
  • Teach Intervention Strategies for the Division Standard Algorithm

I would like to shout the praises of Michelle Williams, The Ignited Teacher! The products that she introduces are extremely helpful and valuable in the classroom. 

Jade McDowell,  4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Williams has motivated and inspired us as a campus. She has taught us how to create and implement highly effective lessons and activities such as Number of the Day.

Jennifer Chavez, Assistant Principal

You may have seen me....

Hi, I'm Michelle! I help math teachers like you close math learning gaps!

My journey began when my son began first grade. I knew that he would struggle with math because the traditional strategies just didn't work for him. 

Honestly, his teachers meant well but at the time they didn't have any other strategies to teach him so that he could be successful.

Like most parents who are teachers, I searched for other methods for basic skills such as addition and subtraction. Finding alternative math strategies for my son became the norm until he graduated from high school.

Now I teach math teachers how use conceptual models to provide a strong foundation for Special Education, 504, and below grade level learners.

My Ten Dollar Workshops are designed to provide you with personalized math content support. You’ve found me. I'm going to make sure that you can confidently implement these strategies the next day!

Register for my workshop so you can get the clarity you need to teach partial quotients and products with confidence!

Places on the live workshop are limited! This is your chance to get in and learn how I teach these concepts, so don't delay any longer.

Register now before it becomes too late!"

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